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We generate the highest quality synthetic data that mimics original data, thereby unlocking data's full potential whilst protecting people's privacy.

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The utility of synthetic data generated by the Synthesized software for a typical machine learning task compared to original data.


The average time of generating an accurate synthetic data set in finance, insurance and healthcare with Synthesized.


The risk of non-compliance with data regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA when using synthesized data.

Synthesized provides tools for generating the highest quality synthetic data, thereby enabling compliant data-driven projects.

For data to be useful, it needs to be shared, whether within a company between departments or with partners. However, problems associated with existing data sharing practices such as inability to keep personal data safe, reckless data access rights and inefficient monitoring procedures are becoming increasingly evident. Existing solutions such as data anonymisation and masking techniques trade off data quality with privacy. However increasingly powerful de-anonymisation techniques are weakening these privacy guarantees.

Synthesized product solves the problem of data sharing by utilising advanced machine learning and information security techniques: instead of sharing original data, we enable businesses and other data owners to work with compliant synthetic datasets mimicking the structure of original data without disclosing any information about individual data points.

Synthesized is a pioneer in the space of data synthesis, and for the last 2 years has successfully researched and developed the product to address the problem for sensitive personal data. The company is supported by a range of technology veterans and investors that include the active support of Google, Facebook and Seedcamp.

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Recurring Use Cases

Cross-Departmental Data Sharing

The system provides a safe harbour for secure sharing and storing of sensitive personal data thereby keeping sensitive information locked down.

It further provides a principled approach to compliance and data regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, via systematic statistical disclosure checks of synthetic data.

The software automatically configures for the optimal utility of synthetic data given a privacy budget for each use case.

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Data Sharing with 3rd Parties

The software provides a secure infrastructure to share sensitive personal information (SPI, PII) with 3rd party data controllers and data processors.

It unlocks the full potential of commercial information by addressing compliance and technological hurdles that hinder data processing. Synthetic data generated by the Synthesized software maintains key properties of original data and is privacy complaint by design.

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Consolidating Intelligence

The most challenging problems that we face as a society need to be solved collaboratively. We constantly look for partners who share our vision of privacy preserving data sharing and are proudly supported by leading technology investors in the space.