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We generate synthetic data that mimics original data, thereby unlocking data's full potential whilst protecting people's privacy.

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Cross-Departmental Data Sharing

The system provides a safe harbour for secure sharing and storing of synthetic data thereby keeping sensitive information, such SPI and PII, locked down.

It further provides a principled approach to compliance and data regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, via systematic statistical disclosure checks of synthetic data.

The software automatically configures for the optimal utility of synthetic data given a privacy budget for each use case.

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Data Sharing with 3rd Parties

The software provides a secure infrastructure to share sensitive information such as SPI and PII with 3rd party data controllers and data processors.

It unlocks the full potential of commercial information by addressing compliance and technological hurdles that hinder data processing. Synthetic data generated by the Synthesized software maintains key properties of original data and is privacy complaint by design.

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Consolidating Intelligence

We believe that the most challenging problems that we face as a society need to be solved collaboratively. We constantly look for partners who share our vision of privacy preserving data sharing and are proudly supported by leading technology investors in the space.


The utility of synthetic data generated by the Synthesized software for a list of machine learning tasks.


The average time of generating synthetic data for a list of testing data sets in finance.


The number of rows that is usually sufficient to capture the structure of high-dimensional data with 20 attributes.

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